** Updated April 29, 2024 ** ============ NEW SERVICES ============ Osteopathy is now available. Direct billing is not available for osteopathy. Receipts will be provided for you to submit to your benefit company. ============================= BOOKING INFO / CREDIT CARD ON FILE ============================= A valid credit card (or visa debit card) is required to secure the appointment you've made a commitment to. We will also be asking for CC info if you call to book. Please have your card info ready. We also require a credit card on file if we will be direct billing. The card WILL NOT be charged unless there is a violation of our cancellation policy. (CC info is stored securely with a PCI compliant processing company). The Calm Therapeutic Centre has a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for no shows and late cancellations. Please notify us ASAP if you can't make your scheduled appt. ================================= MAKING AN APPT FOR SOMEONE ELSE ================================= If you are booking an appointment for someone other than yourself, please use THEIR name & contact info to create their profile This will help us ensure that all the required health information and documents are assigned to the CORRECT ACCOUNT (accurate health records are required by law, and are essential to providing safe treatments). If this is not done, you will be required to fill out the forms again on your arrival so that they are assigned to the correct file. (Your treatment time may be reduced to account for the extra time taken to sort out the files.) ==================== CANCELLATION POLICY ==================== Our cancellation policy is not intended to be a punishment, it’s a way to protect our most valuable resource - our time. The policy is simple: IF YOU DON'T SHOW UP for your scheduled appointment, OR you haven’t notified us AT LEAST 24 hours in advance, you WILL BE CHARGED A MISSED APPT FEE (equal to the full cost of the treatment booked). We CANNOT bill your insurance company for a missed appointment. By clicking the "Book Now" button you acknowledge and accept our terms of service and consent to having the card on file charged if there is a cancellation policy violation. Thank you for respecting our policies, and we can't wait to see you in the office! **HST NOT included in listed prices**


The Calm Therapeutic Centre is a beautiful wellness centre located in Woodstock, Ontario.

We specialize in Registered Massage Therapy, Lymphatic Massage/Lymphedema Management, Cosmetic Surgery Aftercare, and a variety of other manual therapy modalities.

Our therapists are passionate about helping you feel the best you can in your body. 

Whether you are looking to rehab that nagging injury, reduce the frequency of headaches, or you just want an hour to turn off your brain, we have the solution you’ve been looking for.

At the Calm Therapeutic Centre, we have a practitioner that will suit your needs. 

Each of our therapists have completed training in different modalities, and have unique areas of special interest. 

To find more info about your therapist click on their profile below, or see our website.



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